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In the Moors by NIna Milton

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In the Moors - Nina Milton

I have read many mystery/crime novels, but In the Moors is a hugely original take on a well worn genre.

Sabbie Dare is mourning the loss of her hens to a fox when a detective called Reynard walks into her life. Rey likes to play his hunches and expects Sabbie to help him nail her client, Cliff Houghton, who has become the prime suspect for a horrific child killing after police find him lurking in the moors where the body was found. Oh, I forgot to say, Sabbie is a Shaman who walks in the otherworld! Cliff’s  otherworld reveals dreadful secrets to Sabbie, shedding light on a spate of crimes that terrorized the area twenty years before. When a second child goes missing, Sabbie tries to piece together all the fragments she’s gained from her shamanic journeys. Although she’s sure of Cliff’s innocence, trying to prove it, and find the missing child, becomes a threat to her own survival. Sabbie gets too invoived and you can just watch as she hurtles towards a dark and certain place of death…  

This young shaman heroine is a fascinating character and the beautiful descriptions of her "journeys" into the spiritual world, which help to move the plot forward, seem authentic. A very well plotted and at times fairly dark story....it really kept me gripped and I thoroughly recommend In the Moors. The atmosphere is eloquent, fast pace and surprising ending.

Reading about shaman practices was interesting, Nina has done her research.

I look forward to the next one.